Sales Training

Sales - Concept & Delivery


Sales - Concept & Delivery

An extensive preparatory workshop for every Sales personal 

Sales is the soul of any business and it make Big difference in our life too. Most of the people, think sales is selling something but sales is actually a LIFE. Anyone is nothing without it. We utilize our sales skill somehow in our day to day living but when it comes to Work, we try to make distance from sales. 

Your sales skill means everything to you. It may be your Dream, your Passion for achievement or to get anything / anyone or to bring change or make impact somewhere / society / nation. Whether you know your destiny or not, you cannot exist without this skill. Creature gives everyone a way to reach wherever you want. But have you ever try to see your destiny or your path? Have you ever thought about where exactly you are missing or losing the battle. 

This workshop will give a look inside you to see or find out your destiny and enforce & empower you to be there by developing sales from within. 


This is an amazing practical workshop which will enable you to visualize your destiny clearly with the path you must choose. The self assessment session of this program make your self image very clear to you and also make you to determine for the success you define. You will be empowered. You win with you by moving upward and forward in your life. CK's Dream Building session of this workshop is an amazing feature to make you travel in your future dream life, so that you can make your path by utilizing your skills, interest, education or experience. 

This program is designed for everyone above 18 years of age. Locality, Profession, Gender or Class does not matter. This workshop is designed to be modified according to immediate participants each time as required.

Session includes:

  • Your Definition 
  • Know who you are and your ability, quality and kick 
  • Dream Building Session 
  • What is Sales? (Concept & Product)
  • Assessment 
  • Performance building 
  • How can you be extraordinary 
  • Connect yourself 
  • Action Plan
  • Priority and Stress Management
  • Study and Preparation 
  • Cause  Changing

Duration: 4 hours || Group/ Team Fees: Any amount in Honour | Schedule confirmation fee: ₹ 1550/- || Institutional fee: Any amount in Honour | Schedule confirmation fee: ₹ 2550/-


  1. Confirmed date and schedule cannot be cancelled. If in-case of cancellation, schedule confirmation fee will not be refunded.
  2. Confirmed date and schedule can be changed free within 15 days of confirmation on availability. If schedule change request comes before 7 days of workshop can be accepted on date availability with ₹2550/- schedule change surcharge and 100% advance at the time of schedule change and once schedule change cannot be changed further.
  3. We reserve right to modify or change or cancellation of date, schedule, venue, content or material of the workshop anytime as needed without prior notice. In case of schedule or date change by trainer, the institution or the organizer (or the organizer to institution) will be informed as early as possible and latest by / before 24 hours of scheduled workshop.
  4. Protocol, riders (technical requirement with volunteers or security if required) of the trainer will be informed after the confirmation of the workshop, and it is responsibility of organizer with their own investment.
  5. Trainer has right to accept or deny any personal meeting or get to gather before or during or after the workshop. It’s strictly part of learning but not any Ego issues.
  6. Attendees must be arranged as prescribed manner by trainer and trainer has right to accept or deny or ask to leave as disciplinary action if in case.
  7. Any handout or workshop material given to the attendees would be payable, and same will be informed at the time of confirmation in such case.
  8. Photography, videography, audio recording can be made only on trainer’s prior written permission.

Travelling & miscellaneous will be on Organizer/s.