• Dream Building Session (DBS)
  • Counseling
  • Training
  • Workshop
  • Mentoring 

Dream Building Session (DBS)


DBS is an epic module designed by CK to make you journey in your Dream Future, specific & measured. Whether you have a Dream or not, this session has programed to make you visualise your coming time or days.

It’s a very intensive session without having fun on subject. DBS takes you to the deep inside within you to magnify your real pictures you want. Also, DBS make you to determine your vision you see during the session. CK makes it sure that you initiate the change you need by his mentorship (on demand).



We go deeper to dig your best out of you, so that you know the rout cause and factors to get the best solutions on the subject you in counseling.

We have many counseling segment to help you better;

1. Student Counseling
a. Academic
b. Career planning
c. Being you
d. Personal
e. Personal development

2. Teenager Counseling

3. Mature Counseling
a. Individual (personal or career)
b. Couple (Pre/Post marriage, Love & relationship)
c. Couple (Disputes)
d. Womanhood



We do train one on board room only. We educate and make a you a self learning person to set your thing for you life long.

CK believes that training must be a skill development to get learning forever on the subject. A trainee must be trained to be trained self ever.

Few of our training modules;

Life and learning
Design your destiny
Goal setting – personal
Goal setting – professional
My life and sales
Sales – concept and delivery
Teacher – more than a educator
Communication – beyond language
Personal development
Corporate dreams – a win win game plan



 We do it a practical life to experience module to impact the subject of the workshop you participate in. It’s a very unified way to give you an insight of the learning and to be demonstrated by your life.

CK has designed various lofe experiencing workshop module by his own kife experience; which you would never have experienced or never been see that way.

CK made things so impactful and learnings very practical that you can apply and use in your routine life without managing much time.

He has covered almost each subject of life’s learning.

Stay tuned for more information!



CK Initiate Mentorship for everyone who want to achieve their dreams and building something to impact the nation and society.

Mentor must be experienced what he is monitoring on and that is the Core policy of CK that he never ask things which he has not done or experienced or doing at the moment.

Now we have 3 categories of mentorship program;

Student : 16-24 years of age
Entrepreneur : 21 year and above age
Woman : 18 years and above

As an educationist CK love to mentor passionate individuals without any monetary commitment as he believes that mentoring is priceless and can not be paid off by asking. But it’s not free