It's My Life


CHANDRA KUMAR (CK) initiates a Personal Development Workshop “It’s My Life” in a unique way without

This program is especially designed for 25 to 40 years of age, who began their career anyway but have desire to excel more in professional and personal life by fulfilling their Dreams.


11 days (about an hour daily of your comfort but consistently)

Registration fee: Rs. 200/-

Workshop Fees: Any amount in Honour (Not Free)

Registration opens

Go to the link below for the Registration Form & QR:

Registration Form

Program Details & Terms

  • It’s my life is a personal development program to enhance your personal and professional ĺife.
  • Batch is scheduled from February 10 to February 20 (11 days). No time bound.
  • This 11 days program will be reaching you through your routine social media platform directly by CK.
  • CK means fully about the program fees as mentioned. Don’t hesitate to make any amount even if it’s small or big as this is an initiative to support you and others who can’t afford. But, CK also means for not making it free.
  • Registration fee is not refundable under any circumstances.
  • Your participation needs to be consistent as there is no time bound. You need to manage an hour to two hours daily as you are comfortable. But your schedule must be pre-informed.
  • You will be directly connected to CK and any online meeting will be scheduled by him due to your privacy concerns.
  • There is a limited participation policy to if registration goes above the limit, and you register late, you will be given next batch program schedule.
  • You will need to manage your own writing materials to note down the program material as we would not provide any handouts. Your content will be supplied via the platform we will use for this program.
  • There is provision for the person who is not able to write, but they need to be on CK’s schedule.
  • For any queries, write us