Educational Training & Workshop


Education and building people are CHANDRA KUMAR (CK)'s foundational passion.

What must be the base mindset of a Teacher or Educator or Edu-Leader?

  • Earning by giving education is good, but WE must keep in mind that it's not a Business. Education is 1st source for transforming Generation. It's not only a place to educate and develop skills But it's a place where Character and Life get directions.
  • Yes, saying above is very easy and CK knows it well. CK believes in doings, and He created modules to make it possible by each participants.
  • "Educational Training & Workshop" for Teacher, Educator & Edu-Leader! Designed by: CHANDRA KUMAR
  • Dates available: APRIL 10, 2018 onwards.


  1. 3 Hours - Foundation
  2. 1 Day - Intensive
  3. 3 Days – Workshop

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