Dream Building Session

Dream Building Session (DBS)


Dreams are the basic source of Innovation. No matter, how Small or Big.

There many who has achieved their Dreams But what makes significant is the path and value you have created during the journey or living for your Dreams.

CK, Inspires by Living his life. What he speaks, He has experienced or living the same.

What is Dream? How can you really define it? And believe that you can achieve and enjoy it.

This workshop have everything to know about the Dream and put you in action for your it. You will really love the journey CK takes participants to their Dreams.

On live experience, participants come to know about their Dreams and what they should do for it. They can see their Dreams very clear to define and create path towards. Not only this, you will never give up!

Have a ☆Dream Building Session☆ with CK

Session Categories

1. Students (14 - 24 years)

2. Professional (19 years & above)

3. Women (14 years & above)

4. Less Privileged Individuals (14 years & above)

Session Fee: Any amount with Honour accepted (NOT Free)

Schedule confirmation Fee: INR 1550 (non refundable/ non transferable, to be paid at the time of confirmation)

TDA to be on organizer for CK + 1 person.


  1. Gathering size must be 10 and more person.
  2. Only institution or company or social enterprise can organise the session. In case of individual initiative, the person need to be associated with any institution
  3. Organiser must have to follow the recommended guidelines, provided by team CK.
  4. CK mean fully about his Fee and He won't ask for fees. Organiser have to pay any honorary amount with respect.
  5. Schedule fees are mean to block and confirm the same.

For more information write to teamck@ckinspires.in

Note: All the rights & terms of the DBS program are reserved, any publications or boardcasting can not be executed without CK's prior written permission.