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Your destiny means everything to you. It may be your dream, your passion for achievement or to get anything/ anyone or to bring change or make impact. Whether you know your destiny or not, doesn’t matter, but we are living dead without it. Creature gives everyone a way to reach wherever you want to, but have you ever try to see the path. This session will give a look inside you to see or find out your destiny and enforce you to be there.


Yours’ Definition

Know who you are and your ability, quality & your kick

Dream Building session

Design yourself for future

Action Plan

Priority and Stress Management

Study and Preparation.

An action monitoring plan will help you to make you sure to be at your destiny without fail.

One personal grooming session after counselling.

6 month anytime individual counselling or discussion.**


Duration: 6 Hours for individual || 10 - 12 Hours for Group


Duration can be divided in maximum 2 - 3 days.

Group must not be more than 5 friends for better result.

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